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Despite heat_pioneering Rio Blanco County

EPA's study of gas drilling in Wyoming could impact local operations

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Propublica- Gas execs call for disclosure of chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing

Five Years on Marcellus Shale play a booming business

New York Drilling Study a Step Forward

Dark Side of Natural Gas Boom

Underused Drilling Practices Could Avoid Polluting

State Oil and Gas Regulators Are Spread Too Think to Do Their Jobs

Gas Drilling: What we Don't Know

How Big is the Drilling Regulatory Staff in Your State

Gas drilling in Appalachia yields a foul byproduct

New Yorkers Comments are In... Now what?

Energy Company Mergers Are Expected to Rise

Congress Launches Investigation Into Gas Drilling Practices

Legislators in Albany and NY Float Hydrofracking Bills

House Bill Eyes Shale Gas Drilling

Marcellus Shale: Is it safe to drill?

EPA Launches National Study Of Hydraulic Fracturing

Broad Scope of EPA's Fracturing Study Raises Ire of Gas Industry

Gas Industry wary of EPA Fracturing Study

N.Y Review of Marcellus hits snags

New York Puts Brakes on Drilling in NYC Watershed Clears the Way for Upstate Wells Next spring

Drilling firm will offer safety information

T. Boone Pickens' War

River Basin Commission Opens Sayre field Office

Shale: The next energy game changer

Deep, lucrative Utica Shale, formation extends play to the Southern Tier

Pa halts drilling by company after gas accident

Township abandons plans to amend zoning to allow 'water farm'

Landowners to Albany: let the drilling begin

Bradford County residents see Marcellus Shale Development changing their lives

Delaware River Panel extends it's gas drilling ban

Fracking Tales: Stories from the Frontlines of Gas Drilling

EPA Plans Gas Drilling Meetings

Marcellus Shale FracTracker
Gas Wars: Too hot for Cabot

Residents tell EPA that Pa. gas drilling poisons water

Planner: Local Zoning is Perhaps Best Control over Marcellus play

Terry Engelder on shale gas: The good, the bad and the decline curves

Shale seen as transforming gas into a global commodity

Gas Firm rep. Gives overview of process

Big money drives up the betting on the marcellus shale

No drilling lease? In some ways, it may not matter

Drilling opponents cheer state senate passage of moratorium

With Marcellus gas off limits in NY smaller firm explore other drilling options

Steve Isreal: Drilling time line depends on DEC regs

Fracking Yields fuel fear in Northeast

PA House adds environmental funding from Marcellus tax

Interview:Former NY Environmental Commissioner Pete Grannison Gas Drilling.

Some appointees to Oil and Gas Commission are Industry execs, lobbyists

Utilities Face the Decision Point of Big Shifts to Gas, Renewables and Efficiency

NY Gas drilling draft rules expected in June

Natural Gas Now Viewed as a Safer bet


Marcellus Shale Risk Assessment Schuyler County, NY

Tioga County Potential Issues and Opport 



Marcellus regulations delayed
La Plata County Impact Report 10-02

Potential economic and energy supply impacts

Memorandum of Understanding. Powder River Interagency

Water Resources and Marcellus Shale


Potential Dev. of Natural Gas Resources In Marc. Shale

Regulation of Gas Dev.

Natural Gas Newsletter-whiteman, osterman, hanna

Natural Gas Drilling Facts and Issue

NYSERDA-Impacts on Community Character of Horizontal Drilling

NYSERDA- ICF- Technical Assistance Hydraulic Fracturing

Community Satisfaction and Quality of Life Survey of Long-Term Residents of Sublette County

API- Hydrolic Fracturing Guidance

Unconvetional Gas Shales: Development, Technology and Policy Issues

Marcellus Shale Risk Assessment Schuyler County, NY

Marcellus Shale:What local Govt officials need to know

Questions citizens and local headers should be asking

Fractured Gas Shale Potential in NY

Local Leaders perceptions of energy development in the Barnett Shale- by Brooklyn J. Anderson.

Natural Gas Assessment NYS Energy Plan 2009

Resource Binder: Drilling in the Marcellus Shale- Student Version

Marcellus Shale Communities- Report by Central NY Regional Planning and Development Board

Marcellus Shale Communities: Report, Recommended and Resources for a Collaborative Approach to Planning and Local Use tools

What land/surface owners should know when a Landman Shows up and wants an easement/righ
t of way to put a pipeline across your yard

Assessment of the Greenhouse Gas Footprint of Natural Gas from Shale Formations

Emergence of Shale Plans Leads to Transformative Shifts. For Independent Operators

Managing your private water supply related to Natural Gas in Schuyler Co.

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NYSERDA- Recommended info to accompany drilling applications- Sample Forms

Tioga County Gas Well


Surface Operating Standards-the Gold book

NYS DEC Information on Critical Environmental Areas

Draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement

DSGEIS- Appendix 4

DSGEIS- Appendix 5

DSGEIS- Appendix 6

Planning for Agriculture in New York


Sullivan-Scoping Comment on the Draft EIS

dSGEIS comments

Parment Letter




A Local Perspective on Natural Gas Extraction

Marcellus Shale- Webinar Series

Geological Framework for Natural Gas Development in Central New York

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DEC Extends Deadline

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